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Turtle Gourd - 20 Seeds, 2 g - Fun To Grow

Turtle Gourd - 20 Seeds, 2 g - Fun To Grow

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GOURD: Plant gourds if for no other reason than because they're fun! They come in a delightful, wacky array of shapes, colors, and sizes and are sure to bring a smile when you harvest them. Many will grow up fences and trellises, which makes them even more interesting and dramatic.

Turtle Gourd

The gourd that won the race! The Turtle, or Maranka Gourd has the same general shape as a Dipper Gourd but has unique ridges on it s lower part. It can be grown on a trellis, which produces a straight neck, or on the ground for a curled neck. This is a hard shell gourd that can be varnished, stained, or painted. Crafting is easy!

Type: Annual
Light: Sun
Height: 12-14
Maturity: 100-120 Days

20 Seeds, 2 g